Thursday, May 29, 2008


Gresso’s Avantgarde, the Russian based mobile phone manufacturer is White Diamonds collection. The new collection includes two new mobiles called Gresso White Diamonds and Gresso Royal White Diamonds. The new White Diamonds Collection features inherit hand-assembled body panels made out of 200-year old African blackwood, keyboards with base plate made of titanium and stainless steel battery cover with a magnetic lock plus leather and gold decoration. Besides, the new phones feature displays covered by 42K sapphire crystal glass, keys made out of 18K gold and as a signature feature - all the numbers on the keypad are laser-cut in Roman style. The Gresso Royal White Diamonds is the more expensive one of the two and will be available in limited edition of 200 units only. All of its 23 gold keys are crowned with a total of 2.53K of white diamonds. It will be priced at 33000 euros i.e. approx. $52,000.

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Alchemist said...

For $52,000
I want my name on it
or yours!

Kiss, Kiss