Friday, July 25, 2008


Aspiring to soar higher, we don’t let our focus budge off from anything that is already soaring high! I Am pointing towards the newly christened Cirrus Vision SJ50. With its first flight behind it, this Cirrus jet has shaken off its former tag of ‘The Jet’ with imposing style. This single-engine personal jet is meant to capture “Cirrus’ vision to build the ultimate personal transportation machine. All set to revolutionize the experience of jet traveling, flying by this luxurious personal jet is akin to traveling by Bentley. So you know now that which tribe is eligible for such a majestic air-affair. Power-driven by a Williams International FJ33-4A-19 engine, the plane can take wing at about 300 knots at an utmost commissioning altitude of 25,000 feet.


The Big Boss Lady said...

I like that!

25,000 feet, that's up there with Mount Everest.

diplomatikk said...

sweeeettttt :]