Monday, February 18, 2008


Take a look at the solid gold, hi-precision mechanical belt buckles manufactured by men’s watches and accessories designer Roland Iten. Roland has created a new niche in the luxury goods industry called mechanical luxury. His solid gold, hi-precision mechanical belt buckles, made in Switzerland, with the same manufacturing processes as employed by the Geneva watch-making industry, take from 9-18 months to produce and retail from $25,000 for the solid gold versions and from $15,000 for the steel and gold version. The full collection will be launched in Geneva at the SIHH watch fair in April 2008. $25,000 isn’t a lot if you’re buying, say, a car or a boat. However, $25,000is a lot for a belt buckle.

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Anonymous said...

Real gold, I'm sold!

Price doesn't matter.

Kings and Queens deserve real gold!