Friday, February 8, 2008


So you haven’t the dough to get the whole car yet, but if you still want to have at least a piece of the devilish pleasure that is the Aston Martin, then this Aston Martin DB6 Couch is as good as the secret midnight ice-cream snack! The couch is shaped like the rear seat of an actual AM DB6 with a silver birch finish and red leather upholstery, which as you know is the signature staple of the classic car. The company, Aston Martin Heritage Design, however, is willing to give you any color combination you wish to have so you can match your superb couch with the rest of your lounge décor. You will have to dish out around $7,300 for the couch alone (headrests not included), but hey this is real Aston Martin merchandise we’re talking about!

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