Monday, March 10, 2008


Give your Rich Yung the respect it deserves by drying them in this Drying Cabinet from Maytag then plummeting them in your washing machine dryer or leaving them out in the sun aka laundry ways. Maytag’s revolutionary new drying cabinet is perfect for all that Rich Yung that you would normally drip dry. And, not just clothes, the Maytag Drying Cabinet is perfect for drying anything from expensive shirts, to Gucci boots, gloves and even the umbrella! With amazingly versatile racks, prongs and hanger attachments, there’s room for loads of items. The constant flow of gently heated air dries things in almost no only if the company could explain the 4 hour long process!! The multi-functional, freestanding unit comes in either white or stainless steel.

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Now that's something different.

I like it.

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