Sunday, March 2, 2008


Russia may sure be the land of vodka but the French cognac has made its way into the celebrations of the wealthy class, who love to flaunt the crystal-encrusted cognac bottle with a stylish chest. Hennessy, the leading cognac brand, has recently offered the flamboyant treasure chest that comes complete with equally lavish items, a Baccarat bottle filled with a blend of Cognac dating back to 1907. Only 100 are being made, designed by the French artist Jean-Michel Othoniel and would be put out to sale for $220,000, and delivered personally by a Hennessy board member. You can also witness the Hennessy Ellipse, a $10,000 Baccarat decanter that is a mixture of Cognacs ranging through the seven generations of Hennessy blenders.

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I'd pour out some liquor for Pac!