Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Icelink is offering what is likely the world's most expensive and outlandish set of custom-made car wheels ever produced. Covered with more than 12,000 diamonds and 800 sapphires, the set of four rims costs $1 million.
1,100-carat wheels. Not only will you acquire a set of the most extravagant rims ever created when you make this purchase, but you will also receive a brand new Bentley Continental GT Coupe and one-year bodyguard service for free.
Considering the value of the wheels, prospective owners might also want to think about investing in some parallel-parking lessons, too. Diamonds and sapphires may not fare well against a concrete curb.


Anonymous said...

That is incredible!

I'll take your bodyguard

I poked him with a pin on a accident and he did not budge, lol. He is on post!

Sapreme said...

whoever got that betta not drive thru my hood!

Anonymous said...

I would but I got my own hood!

Keep ya mind on your Riches


Anonymous said...

Picture me rollin!


Anonymous said...

Like E40,

I'm a Pyramid and
you's a square, lol!