Tuesday, March 25, 2008


The Montblanc pen shown above was displayed on Monday night in Monaco at a VIP charity gala honoring Prince Rainier III of Monaco and attended by his son Prince Albert and beauties that included Helena Christiansen and Eva Green. The Prince Rainier III Limited Edition 81is limited to only 81 pieces (Rainier was 81 when he died in 2005). The pen is a skeletonized fountain-pen of 18K white gold decorated with diamonds and ruby-studded lozenges to mimic the red-white lozenges on the shield of the Grimaldi coat of arms. It includes 996 diamonds cut with facets and 92 rubies which form a network that inner workings of the writing instrument can be seen through. 19 more rubies surround the clip ring on the cap and the 18K gold nib is set with two rubies. The pen is worth $300,000 . If you cant get shorty # with this then just kill yourself.


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