Saturday, March 22, 2008


The Cirbin V13R is reminiscent of a classic hotrod by having just design hints to give lookers a clue. The roadster is powered by a 1250cc Harley-Davidson, linked to a five speed. The incredible fiberglass body is over a tubular chassis that is reinforced for safely. If you want more chrome, the chassis plating is an option. The V13R overall design and style make it the perfect 3-wheel roadster. Personalize your ride with the V13R’s customization options. The reverse trike configuration and rear propulsion blended with the performance and unique sound of Harley-Davidson® V-ROD® engine make it a powerful and fun ride. The V13R features side by side seating for two adults and integrated cargo space. Great week-end getaways guaranteed.


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That looks fun.

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Keep ya mind on your Riches!