Wednesday, March 19, 2008


The world’s most expensive champagne goes on sale Thursday targeting a Rich Yung global elite. The special edition Perrier-Jouet champagne is a mishmash of sugar and wines amassed ages back. A tailored, limited version 12-bottle boxed set bearing a price tag of $78,944, or a single bottle at $6,576 will go on vending this Thursday, the 20th of March. Together with the bottles, customers would be offered a storage nest in Perrier-Jouet’s for coming eight months. But wait a minute, the privilege of buying the bubbly demands qualification as the sales will be limited to populace of super-rich clients located in the States, U.K., Japan, China, Russia, Switzerland and France. They hope to sell off box-sets to a total of 100 people worldwide. It would definitely smash the record set by limited edition of Dom Perignon champagne in 2005 that was sold for 12,000 Euros for each three-liter bottle. So, a record in making awaits you.

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